and Vision

We believe in the power of collaboration with organizations and individuals who dare to dream and innovate and shaping the future of society. We envision a world where every person with an ambition is empowered to become successful and contribute.

To uphold the remarkable legacy of our family, we bear the responsibility to continuously elevate industry standards and sustain our growth, for the benefit of our shareholders, partners, employees, and society.

We operate with transparency and integrity, fostering trust in our relationships with our partners, clients, employees, and all stakeholders.

We are a catalyst for growth, driving innovation and unleashing infinite potential.

Our values


Unsurpassed Excellence

Every day, we aim for unmatched excellence through quality, speed, and focusing on our customers.


Valuing Our People

Honesty, reliability, and respect define us. We are devoted to our heritage, our company, our colleagues, and our values.


Own It to the End

We stand by our commitments and see them through as one team, responsible to the very end.


Authentic Relating

Building strong partnerships through honest and open communication and teamwork is our approach.


Intelligent Daring

As innovators, we dream big, take smart risks, and boldly forge new paths for progress.


Learning Agility

We create opportunities for people to learn, be recognized,and appreciate their growth, thereby expanding our business.

Sheikh Ismail
Ali Abudawood

Our Role Model


In 1935, Sheikh Ismail Abudawood laid the cornerstone of what would become a beacon of economic progress in Saudi Arabia. Founding Abudawood, he dedicated his life until 2005 to nurturing its growth, embodying a spirit of pioneering excellence and unwavering commitment to his nation's prosperity.

A visionary in every sense, Sheikh Ismail's legacy transcends the realms of business; he was a trailblazer who fervently believed in and worked towards diversifying Saudi Arabia's economic landscape. His partnership with Procter & Gamble was a testament to his foresight, leading
to the establishment of manufacturing facilities within the Kingdom, a milestone in its industrial journey.

Throughout his illustrious career, Sheikh Ismail stood as a pillar of inspiration and a steadfast advocate for commerce and innovation in Saudi Arabia. His journey was not just about building a successful enterprise, but also about shaping a future where economic diversity and prosperity thrived. His legacy continues to inspire and guide the path of economic development in the Kingdom, a lasting tribute to a true pioneer.

Board of Directors

Mr. Anas Abudawood

Mr. Ayman Abudawood

Abudawood History