Fraud Disclaimer

Any communication that is sent from the Abudawood Group of Companies is only sent from our registered domain name No communication will be sent to any client(s) from, or on behalf, of an individual director or shareholder. Any and all commercial activities undertaken by the Abudawood Group of Companies will be effected through a commercial legal entity and not in an individual’s capacity, or through an individual’s bank account. Under no circumstances should any money be transferred to any individual or entity, without having first conducted due diligence on the recipient of those funds.

The Abudawood Group of Companies has been made aware that individuals purporting to act as, or on behalf of, The Abudawood Group of Companies have approached third parties proposing business ventures with the Abudawood Group of Companies. These approaches would appear to be intended to defraud individuals, or obtain confidential information. These emails may include warning signs such as, but not limited to:

  1. The email is not sent from the domain name;
  2. The email is sent from a similar name to our registered account, but with slight differences such as, but not limited to:,, or
  3. The email requests a transaction fee.

We would advise all individuals who interact with any entities to ensure that they are communicating with the legitimate and authorised representative of the entity and pay careful attention to any communication received.

If you receive what you believe is a virus, phishing, spam or fraudulent email from any individual purporting to represent The Abudawood Group of Companies or to verify any such communication, please email us at, forwarding the email or letter, and report this to your local law enforcement as necessary.

The Abudawood Group of Companies does not tolerate criminal activity in any form and shall not be considered liable for any loss or inconvenience resulting from communication with unauthorised persons or activities.”

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