Mr. Manhal Charles Francis Lolas

Mr. Manhal Lolas is Abudawood Group Chief Financial Officer.

He is responsible for managing all the investment and finance activity of the Abudawood Group.

Mr. Lolas is accountable for the performance of shareholder funds and all other sources of finance, including the performance of business units which he delegates through general managers. He translates organizational vision into operational targets through the deployment of finance with the objective of developing a knowledge based business. He also directs, administers, and coordinates the activities of Abudawood Group by establishing appropriate processes, policies, goals, and objectives.

Since joining Abudawood Group as an Investment Analyst in 1994 he has enjoyed a progressive career in a variety of finance and investment roles, both within the Group's investment platform as well as its operating companies, becoming Group CFO in 2007.

During his career, Mr. Lolas has led and substantially influenced Abudawood Group processes and decisions for numerous investment opportunities, which include global and regional real estate, global equities, private equity funds and direct investments. For perspective, this has included a diverse, global portfolio of more than 60 private equity funds and direct investments; several regional multimillion dollar acquisitions; and more than 25 multimillion dollar residential and commercial real estate projects.

Mr. Lolas currently holds seats on the Board of Directors of the Group's operating companies in Bahrain and Yemen as well as Investment Asset Management Company in Bahrain. In addition, he represents Qatar First Islamic Bank as a Board Member of a billion-dollar manufacturing company in United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)

Mr. Lolas holds a double major in Economics and Statistics from the University of Jordan (UoJ) and enjoys continuous personal growth by attending many residential post graduates courses (IMD, Euro Money, Huron University, Urban Land Institute), as well as corporate training courses (Proctor & Gamble, Citibank).

Mr. Lolas is married with three children and lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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